Tire Bead Seaters – The Way to Seat Large Tires on Trucks and Other Large Equipment

Tire Bead Seaters – The Way to Seat Large Tires on Trucks and Other Large Equipment
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After you have finished changing a tire on your tire machine, you sometimes may find that the jet blast system on the tire changer cannot seat the bead of the tire on the rim. There’s just not enough air. That’s where the Custom Diesel tubeless tire bead seater comes in. It supplements the existing jet blast delivery system on your tire changer.

It’s a common complaint among wheel service technicians when it comes to particularly large wheels. The jet blast just doesn’t supply enough air for the tire to inflate rapidly enough to seat the bead. When this occurs, you need a supplemental air tank that has an effective jet blast delivery system that will shoot a large and rapid blast of air into those hard to inflate tires. The Custom Diesel tire bead seater is the perfect addition to any tire shop. It is balanced perfectly, lightweight and easy to handle. It is available in a 5 gallon and 11 gallon model, and has a gauge that’s easy to read. It’s nozzle is designed perfectly to deliver the maximum amount of air, where you want it, when you need it. Now there’s no tire that’s too tough for your shop. All sizes of bead seater have a safety release valve and air gauge for safe and effective control of air pressure, and a ball valve to easily control filling. A welded tab at the end of the nozzle on the tank allows for quick and safe positioning on the tire. Once the bead seater is fixed on the tire, releasing the valve will immediately inflate the tire and seat the bead perfectly in the ridge. That’s all there is to it: inflate the tank to the proper PSI for your tire (about 75 for many light trucks, up to about 110 for heavy truck tires), seat it using the special welded tab on the nozzle, and release the valve.

There is no longer an excuse for passing up profitable tire mounting work. No need to use dangerous methods such as spraying with lighter fluid and igniting. No need to to wrap the tire with a ratcheting tie down that is time consuming and eats into your profits. Every tire shop, automotive repair center and new car dealer should add the tire bead seater to there inventory of must have tools. It should be a must have tool for all of you that go off-road, too. Nothing like being stranded in the middle of nowhere with no way to inflate your flat tire.

Source by Regis D Finn