Super Effort With Super Dump Trucks!

Super Effort With Super Dump Trucks!
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Super dump trucks have a heavy, powerful equipment design for industries that need more capacity to accomplish their work. For example, the ore mining industry hauls big rocks from their open-pit mining operations to the processing point. As with any other truck, super dump trucks are relatively simple to operate.

Despite the fact that they are a massive piece of equipment, there is no age or gender restriction in order to drive this type of vehicle. It is not considered difficult for a person to secure a position operating this type of vehicle because a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is not required.


These vehicles are impressive; they are huge pieces of machinery. They are commonly used in the mining industry, specifically in open-pit mining. For instance, the WABCO Model 3200 B Electric Haulpack Truck was built in 1974 and has a load capacity of 235 tons. It is roughly 20 feet high and 54 feet long with a 2,500 horsepower engine. It is extremely heavy as well, weighing 422 tons. Due to its immense size, when it is delivered to the mining site, it is in pieces and must be reassembled at the job location. Because these trucks are so heavy, they are only allowed to operate on the actual job site.

There are other super dump trucks that are just as powerful yet can carry legal payload capacities and are able to be driven on state and federal highways. These trucks have four to seven axles and can carry a load equivalent to its trailers, ranging from 19 to 32 tons. They come with the same features as their heavier counterparts such as a quick turnaround and relatively easy maneuverability, which are very common traits for a standard dump truck.

Most business owners see the profitability of these strong and massive pieces of equipment for businesses involving concrete or asphalt paving, spreading, wind rowing operations and stockpiling. Their payloads are spread out over the entire dump body in order to maintain the weight requirements of the federal bridge laws.


Maintenance plays an important role in achieving the full working capacity of these powerful and massive pieces of equipment. Following are some items to be considered daily:

  • Tires – The tire pressure should be checked daily. The tire pressure on each side should be maintained equally, as this is very significant with the heavy loads these vehicles carry.
  • Suspension – The suspension system should be checked when the vehicle is loaded to ensure that it is strong enough for the load capacity.
  • Bushings – Regularly check the bushings and lubricating pins.
  • Hoist Cylinders – Hoist cylinders should also be checked regularly and any worn cylinders must be replaced with the same operation pressure rating.


Because these super vehicles are powerful and huge, they can also cause enormous problems if safety procedures are not carefully followed. Only operators that are properly trained should be allowed to drive and operate this massive piece of machinery. A trained operator is capable of recognizing the hazards that are prone to this type of operation. In addition, other workers such as spotters and surveyors should be cautious when working near the vehicle when it is being operated.

Super dump trucks come with two strong hydraulic arms and are built with the latest safety features. This equipment is considered safer because there are brakes on every axle. There is also a secondary lateral suspension system that has been added to make the vehicle more stable. In the case of a flat tire, this super vehicle has a system that releases the pressure on the axles to maintain safety when handling payloads even with low air pressure.

Most business owners in the mining and construction industries have seen the profitability of these vehicles. With their built-in strength, hauling capacity and safety features, the work performed by these dump trucks may be the next profitable business investment for a company to consider!

Source by Christopher M. Hunter