Securitize Your Shipping and Receiving Departments From Employee Pilferage and Transit Theft

Securitize Your Shipping and Receiving Departments From Employee Pilferage and Transit Theft
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Just because you think your business is secure does not mean that it is. Loss prevention strategies for your company must also include your shipping and receiving department. In fact, anytime product is being shipped or in transit there’s a good chance it is in danger of being stolen.

Right now the trucking industry has such a huge shortage of drivers that many companies are hiring former prisoners with felony records to drive the trucks. If they can find a way to steal something without getting caught, they just might.


The research on the increases in crime during transit are quite mind boggling and many retailers do not even realize was going on. Often, they’re paying for something that never got delivered or boxes looked as if they were delivered full, but in the bottom of the boxes there is missing product or some spacing trick. 


Remember the criminal mind is quite clever and often they are as smart as those that are running the security departments. Well over 50% of all losses and theft in business comes from the actual employees, that’s right internal theft or employee pilferage.


If a dishonest or disgruntled employee is running your shipping and receiving department and they are working and cahoots with a dishonest delivery driver, you can bet that you’re getting ripped off blind. If you have inventory losses this is the first place you should check.


Unfortunately, we have a real problem in our society with the level of integrity of the average employee. Many security consultants believe that the answer to in-transit theft and/or shipping and receiving employee pilferage is the use of GPS track-able RFID tags. Of course this speaks to the issue of accountability, and constant monitoring, which is the biggest deterrent from internal theft. So, please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow